The Crew

Core Team


Joe is a writer/director with a track record of executing high quality short films and music videos. With a passion for evocative visuals and strong human characters, his work has exhibited on tours, online and in festivals around Europe. Aside from this, he works as a freelance Assistant Director on features, commercials, and shorts. ‘Respite’ is a deeply personal project for Joe, and he is excited to bring the film’s story and characters to life.

Susannah Creasy - Producer

Susannah is a producer who has worked on a number of short films including a selection of short documentaries. She brings with her a strong sense of narrative, and a head for organisation, as well as her passion and commitment to finding and telling meaningful stories on screen.

Cristian Ionuț Necula - Cinematographer

Cristian is a cinematographer whose credits include work on short films, music videos, commercials, and most recently as a camera trainee on a feature film. Combining a strong understanding of narrative filmmaking with the visual sensibility of a stills photography background, Cristian brings a wealth of skills and experience to the team.

Seb Stone - Sound Recordist 

Seb is a sound recordist with experience working on multiple short films. His expertise in audio recording and mixing, and a strong passion for sound design and sound art, will allow him to capture clean, crisp audio on set to complement the visuals of 'Respite'.

Adam Hovell - Editor

Adam is an editor with a range of experience in post-production, spanning from short films to freelance and commercial work. He will be responsible for sculpting the audience’s experience of the film and its characters. He’s excited to bring his instincts for seeking out a story’s drama into the cutting room.

Additional Crew

James Reilly

Casting Director

Jojo Bossman

1st AC

Jaspar J Cumiskey

1st AD

Ryan Anthony Wilson


Alina Panarina

Set Dresser

Stefani Kopchaliyska

BTS & Colourist

Milena Watts

Hair & Make-up

Amelia DiVito